2007 Toyota Prius ready light

My Toyota Prius has the following fault. When the fob is inserted sometimes the dashboard lights come on yet there is no ready light. Obviously i hold down the brake pedal. this will happen several times in a week, then it may work properly for weeks then randomly occur again. It seems that it is turning the car on but only in accessory mode. After turning off and on again eventually after up to ten attempts to start it. Toyota dealer says can’t find a fault Any help appreciated.

Maybe a jinky brake pedal switch? Switches can get a bit intermittent as they age for several reasons; burned contacts or gunk in the mechanism preventing the switch from moving. If the mechanic can’t get the switch to fail in front of him, he can’t know what to fix.

Couple of options for you; Next time this happens, tap the brake pedal a few times and see if you can get it to start. If that is how it starts, the chances are pretty good it is indeed the brake switch. Or just replace the switch right now. It should not cost much.

Thank you for your reply. Just by the by i have fitted a new 12v Battery as one correspondent advised as i could not determine the original one’s age.
Where i park the rear of the car faces a glass door and i can see that the brake lights come on when i push the pedal. I will look at the manual and see where the switch is with a view to replace it anyway.