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2007 Toyota Prius - Paint it?

My Prius has never required a major repair, usual maintenance done, 50 k miles, in city driving only. Since the car lives outdoors, the paint lacquer is peeling. How do I determine if it is $$$ cost effective to have the car painted? I know within a year I will need to replace tires and shocks.
I do not know a mechanic. I feel if I took the car to Toyota for evaluation they would want me to get a new Prius which is definitely not happening.

You have a body shop give you an price and then you decide if you want to do that . Don’t waste your time going to the dealer as you are out of the warranty period.


Perfectly normal for a 13 year old car. As long as it is just the clear that is peeling, you can ignore it if you don’t mind driving a rather tatty looking car. Only consider fixing it only to satisfy yourself. It won’t matter for resale on a car this old no matter how many miles are on the odometer.


I love the advice above. A well-painted old car is a hassle. I’d learn to love it for what it is. Warts and all. Doing cosmetic work on a 12 year old vehicle seems like it will end in disappointment. Save the money for the tires and don’t replace the shocks unless you have a trusted mechanic tell you why they need to be replaced.


Thank you everyone. Guess I will just drive a really, really tatty car.


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Good luck Nancy.
I do have one comment. For me, fresh paint on an older car is a red flag, what is being covered up?

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How long do you plan to keep the car if nothing major fails?