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2007 Toyota camry smell

I have a musty smell in the cabin after I turn on the air conditioner. It only lasts about 10 seconds. I got a cabin filter changed and it didn’t make any difference.

Go to your local parts store and purchase a can of Frigi-Fresh.

Follow the instructions on the can, and see if it gets rid of the musty smell.


I have yet to find any store that sells bg products unless u get them online. Every dealer I have worked for we used bg products and the rep would always give us free stuff never seen any parts store sell bg products- u can use Lysol through ur vents first spray through the fresh air inlet with cabin filter removed. Then you can also set to recirculate and spray it through the passenger floor.

Ozium is a good product for this and is widely sold. I have had good results using 2 cans. One throught the cowl vents with the A/C set on outside air and one with the A/C set on Recirculate or max air and sprayed into the floor vents.