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2007 Toyota Camry smokes a pack a day

I bought a used 2007 Toyota Camry LE a couple of years ago and every time I turn on the AC it smells like cigarettes. The interior of the car doesn’t have an odor when the AC is off. Is there anything I can do to eliminate the smell?

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There are specialized aerosol products made for just this purpose, and you should be able to find them at a good auto parts store, like Napa.

However, Lysol spray might work. Turn off the A/C blower, lift the hood, and spray a fairly large amount into the HVAC intake at the base of the windshield. Be careful not to get it on the paint. Then, turn the A/C blower on and let it draw the Lysol fumes through the system. It may be necessary to repeat the process after a few days in order to thoroughly eliminate the smell.

Then, there is also another possible cause. If your car has a Cabin Air Filter (which it probably does), it is very possible that the filter is beyond filthy. These filters for the HVAC system should be changed every 1-2 years, but many folks (the ones who believe that any type of maintenance is a conspiracy to loot their wallets) decide to not replace this filter, and that is a major mistake. The previous owner may have been one of these maintenance-averse people.

In addition to an odor problem, a dirty Cabin Air Filter can exacerbate allergy problems and can actually impede air flow to the point where the windshield becomes fogged on a humid day. Your Owner’s Manual should have instructions on how to replace the filter.

In addition to what VCD said, there are cabin filters with built in deodorizer. The Arm & Hammer product is sold through WalMart.

This car is equipped with a cabin air-filter…and it’s very easy to change. You have to open the glove compartment to access it…It might take you all of 5 minutes.