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2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Passenger Side Front Noise

My car started making a noice from the passenger side front end. It really sounded like a wheel bearing problem as it accentuates whenever I steer left. I brought the car to my mechanic and had him check the wheel bearings. He couldn’t find anything wrong with it. He also said that he couldn’t find the source of the noice.
Has anyone heard/head of a similar problem?

Did he check the constant velocity joint? Could he even hear the noise? Did he do a road test? If the answer is no, I would suggest looking for a better mechanic.

This is the problem with self diagnosis. Just tell the shop what the problem is ie, noise from front, louder when turning left.

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Purebred, thank you for your fast reply. My mechanic put it on a lift and checked every wheel but I am pretty sure he did not check the constant velocity joint. Also at the time, he had nobody that could drive test the car. I am taking the car back this Friday and he will test drive it.

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I did take the car back to my mechanic and this time, after driving it, he confirmed that it was a wheel bearing.
I schedule service for next week.

Thank you for your help!