2007 Toyota Camry - Code p0301


I was driving my Camry last night on the highway when the CE light came on. It flashed for about 5 seconds and has remained solid. Took it to Auto Zone and got code p0301, Cylinder 1 misfire. I know spark plug issues are most common, but what else could be likely, and what would be the worst case scenario for a repair cost?

I notice a slight loss of power when driving, but that’s really the only symptom other than the CE light. There’s no issue with starting and I don’t notice any issues when the car is idle like shaking or anything. I plan to take the car in this weekend but just curious what I should expect.

Car has 135k miles

I’m betting spark plugs will take care of it unless you have a bad coil.

Thanks…what would a bad coil run about? in googling I see everyhing from a couple hundred bucks to over a grand. It’s a 4 cylinder engine…

other than spark plugs, it may be carbon-tracking anywhere where high voltage goes: starting from the coil, then to the coil-to-plug extension

I’ve recently had that extension piece to get a carbon-track, where it originated at the spark plug gap increase from electrode erosion, then damaged the extension piece. replacing spark plugs did not help, I needed to replace an extension piece too

BTW, driving with misfire kills your catalytic converter

Thanks…yeah i don’t plan on driving it much. The CE light is solid yellow and not flashing, so i think that’s a good sign. I’m planning to take it in Saturday but I may see if I can do it tomorrow. In any case I don’t plan to put more than 20-25 miles on the car. hopefully that will be okay