2007 Sonata noises

We hear 5 to 8 second whistling noise inside car…can’t tell where it comes from as it is very faint. ALSO, we hear a longer, maybe 10 to 15 second, noise that sounds like fingernails on chalk board. Both sounds are intermittent & neither can be heard when radio etc is on. We took car into shop and had driver side front wheel bearing repaired but that DID NOT solve these TWO issues. Any ideas? Thanks!

The second noise might be wear tabs on your brake pads. Has anyone checked their wear level?

The first noise… More details? Where inside the car? When you’re moving? Stopped? Engine on/off?

Try driving without the radio or ac on and intentionally try to find the source of the noise. What are you doing when the noise happens? Are you applying the brakes? How fast are you driving? The first noise sounds like wind coming through the door/windows while driving. You should inspect the door lining and make sure everything is in order. Not sure about the screeching noise. We need more info on what you are doing when you hear these noises.