2007 Sebring Transmission


I need help! at 1193 miles our check engine light came on and the transmission was not shifting. We took it to the dealer immediately. They found water in trans and said we must have driven through high water. We did not. We were told we would have to pay $4600 for new trans. After much wrangling and talking with Diamler Rep we finally agreed on $500. After they had car for 27 days it was fixed and ready to be picked up. We paid the $500 an d left. We didn’t even make it out of paarking lot, same light was on and it would not shift. Why can’t they find problem? Help!


You shouldn’t have to pay a cent. It should be under Chrysler’s powertrain warranty, and it is up to them to fix it right away, and correctly. Seeing as they haven’t, the stealership is really trying to rip you off. I’d suggest going to another Chrysler dealership, see if they treat you with respect. If not, contact Chrysler’s regional office. A transmission should not fail in the first 1000 miles or so… actually, it shouldn’t fail in the first 100,000 miles.

But, this just goes to show why I’ll never buy a Chrysler, especially not a Sebring.


Absolutely riddiculous! Get your $500 back and if they won’t part with it, call Chrysler’s HQ, the BBB, or a lawyer. “You must have driven through high water.” Whatever! That’s fed BS. This is a warranty repair and is free of charge. Water in the trans doesn’t even sound beleivable. I bet it’s not even the real problem.

I’d suggest dealing with these people until they fix the real problem, as well as whatever mistakes they may have made. Then never go back to this dealer. If they won’t help, have them put their diagnoses and any other things they’ve said in writing, then take it with you to another dealer. That way, if you need it, you have it.



I have no idea how water would get in the transmission unless the vehicle was a flood vehicle.

Just curious. You only have a paltry 1200 miles on this car. Did you buy it brand new, as in 3-5 miles on it or did it have 30-500 miles?
Early or late production? (Look at the door tag and there should be a code on it; e.g. 7/06 would mean July of 2006, etc.

I’m just wondering if the vehicle could have been a demo or dealer transfer from another area that suffered flooding conditions.

If you have not driven through high water then it seems to me that Chrysler is 100% responsible for any and all transmission repairs whether they like it or not.

To be honest, I think you’re being BSed by the dealer; not through fraud, but more than likely sheer incompetence in the service dept. and someone is just throwing some garbage out to cover up their lack of knowledge.

You might consider taking this car to a reputable independent shop, nailing down the exact cause with a scan, and then hammering the dealer and Chrysler over this. Federal law says they MUST take care of it short of customer abuse and unless you have seen this “water contaminated” trans fluid and they can physically produce it for inspection, they may be in trouble.
Tell that Chrysler rep you’re going over HIS head also along with filing a complaint with the Feds under the Magnuson-Moss Act.

If by some fluke chance the dealer sold you a flood car then the dealer is going to have to eat the cost on this, possibly with some help from Daimler Chrysler. And refund your money also. No way should you be charged even 5 bucks much less 500.
My condolences.


First and foremost. Go get a lawyer. Now. You shouldn’t be paying one red cent. Chrysler and/or your local dealer is taking you for a ride. No car with less than 2,000 miles on it should be having these problems. If you “drove it through high water” as they want to claim there would be other signs and any decent mechanic would be able to tell it. Furthermore, the transmission is a sealed system. It’s not like the water can just seep on in there.

Again, I highly suggest you go get a lawyer and then raise living hell with them (or let him raise living hell). Otherwise you are going to be drained dry by this dishonest dealer.


The saga continues… after taking the car back after 2 miles on Saturday, they are now saying that the battery was dead, we need a new solinoid (spelling),which this was replaced on first repair, a new wire harness because ours is corroded,and some kind computer module. The parts MIGHT be in on Thursday. We drove this car for 14 days and the dealership has had it 29 days today. I don’t think they know what is wrong with the car because they just keep changing part after part after part.The dealership has offered to refund us $250 of the $500 we paid already. I don’t want to accept the $250. I am so frustrated I don’t know where to turn.I am afraid the car will never be right. I want Chrysler to repurchase this lemon. Has anyone ever dealt with a repurchase? How does it work? Do I even stand a chance against Chrysler?


It’s not really an issue of dealing with Chrysler (which, incidentally has a record of reselling flood damaged vehicles without the required salvage title), but rather an issue of using the power of the “Lemon Law” in your state. If you did not get a copy of the lemon law when you bought the car, then you need to research the provisions of the law in your state.

In most states, the number of days of “downtime” that you have experienced would now qualify you for a refund under the lemon law, but it could be different in your state. When I purchased my last two cars, among the literature in the glove compartment was a separate booklet listing the text of the law in each state. So, it is possible that you just have to look in your glove compartment for the info. If you do not find the information there, then just do a Google search.

Once you are armed with the correct information, then you can act to rid yourself of this apparent lemon.