2007 Saturn Vue Green Line - mpg

This car is supposed to get up to 32 mpg and the most I have ever gotten is 25 mpg

That does not mean that it will . That is probably the highway miles per gallon. Since you did not disclose your normal driving pattern ( all city - 1/2 city and 1/2 highway ) it will be hard to say if your MPG is correct.

12 years ago when it was new, it probably did.

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Key words “Up To”. On rare occasions a car will get better than the estimate.
But 13 years old, highly doubtful you could ever achieve that.

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Looking for the EPA estimates , even the Hybrid is rated for 29 highway, 26 overall. And most people don’t drive like the EPA cycle.

Where did you come up with the 32 mpg figure?

I think you may be mistaken about the MPG of the 2007 Vue. Perhaps your estimate was based on old data?