2007 Saturn Ion Starting Issues ONLY After Filling up

Car starts amazing in the winter, mornings, nights whenever.

But after I fill up the car, when I go to to crank it, itll try for one sec to flip over then just die.
After I take out the keys and try again itll crank crank crank for about 7 seconds til she fires up.
If i push on the gas while its cranking for that 7 seconds it’ll start up even faster.

I’m guessing fuel pump or filter, but also check engine light came on for coolant sensor, Because when its -10F or 5 degrees F roughly the sensor will act up and in the summer time its fine. Might of had 2 issues come at once. Or maybe they’re causing each other.

anyone ever hear of a car with rough start after fueling?

Check for a leaky EVAP purge valve.

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Can you blow into it to see if its bad or not? I thought I heard that one time to see if its stuck or something.

I found this…

Saturn Mechanic: Dave Nova

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Most of the time this is due to an evap purge solenoid that is sticking open. This allows all of the fuel vapors to be sucked into the engine and floods the engine on startup after refueling. The purge solenoid is located on the engine, near the intake manifold.


I don’t see why not.
Try not to breath in any fumes.

got it! or eat it, probably shouldn’t do that either.

Thanks man appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

Try holding the accel pedal all the way to the floor when this happens. If it helps, indicates overly rich operation, and pretty good chance WW’s purge idea above is the problem.

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