2007 Saab 9-3 trouble starting when car is still hot

My car starts right up when cold and drives great. It drives great all the time. However, after driving and the car is shut off for about 20-30 minutes while I run into a store or something and I come back out and try and restart it, it will bumble and stutter as it starts or it starts then dies. It only happens after car is warmed up. It will start if I lightly feather the gas pedal for a few seconds and then the idle smooths off and runs great. If I wait until it cools for an hour or more, it starts just fine. If its at normal running temperature and shut it off again and only 20-30 minutes go by, it struggles starting. I guess it just struggles on hot starts. The idle is a little rough sometimes if rpms drop to around 720.

Clean the throttle body and see how it goes.

The problem may be vapor lock.

Vapor lock occurs when the hot engine is turned off, and the heat from the engine boils the gasoline in the fuel rails to where it turns into a vapor.

The fuel pump is then unable to deliver the proper fuel pressure and volume of gasoline when the engine is restarted, and the the engine stumbles, runs rough or stalls.

The cause of vapor lock is the fuel pump is no longer able to maintain residual fuel pressure when the hot engine is turned off.