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2007 Prius 30,000 mile warranty... soon to expire

My 2007 Toyota Prius 30,000 mile warranty is going to expire soon. Need suggestions & assistance… What should I ask the dealership to check?

Thank you all so much!

Error… that would be the 36,000 Warranty… Sorry…

When my wifes 95 Taurus had 35,000 miles on it I took a good look under the hood & drove it up on my ramps to check for anything leaking.

I found a very slight leak from the water pump shaft & had the pump replaced under warranty.

Odds are there is nothing at all wrong with your Prius, but you might want to have a mechanically inclined friend give it a quick look.

Get the owner’s manual out of the glove box and read the maintenance schedule. Whatever is required at 30K miles (not much, I’d imagine) should be done. Otherwise, there is nothing to do but continue driving.

The Prius is proving to be a very reliable car. I wouldn’t worry about a thing.

Not sure, but I think you can still buy the extended warrantee if you’re under 36,000 miles, if you’re that concerned.

If nothing is apparent in the running of your vehicle there is nothing to check.

The way warranty work is setup it is NOT in the best interest of a dealer to perform it. They get paid less on work and parts vs charging you.

There is nothing to check really except wear and tear, maintenance type items and warranty does not pay for those anyway.

With anything else there is no way of determining when or if a part will fail and this is where a bit of luck comes in.

Thank you!


Thanks so much! I agree with you about the warranty… I was hoping to learn from others, here on this site… I understand that if you do not mention a problem, prior to the warranty expiration, it won’t be covered. At the time I bought the Prius, I did purchase the extended warranty from Toyota… Thanks again!

Thanks so much, so far the car has been perfect!