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2007 Pontiac G6 - PN for door ajar switch

does anyone know part number for door ajar switch 2007 g6?

Any GM dealer does, they have access to Pontiac part numbers.

I think it’s actually part of the door lock actuator . . . not available separately, in other words

Best to check with a gm dealer. Interestingly enough, the parts seem to only be used on pontiac, no other gm models

these are numbers for the sedan

front left 20846342

front right 20819385

rear right 20777854

rear left 20777855

Yeah I think it is too part of the lock assembly. One guy talked about a separate part but I don’t think so. Quite a few GM sources on line so you can view the parts, but yeah, right, left, front, rear, sedan, coupe, engine, etc. This is the left front sedan. I don’t know if I’ve ordered from them or not, but they all use the same parts view. My fav is Peoria in AZ, or Rockauto has them after-market.

the gm door switch turns on interior lights and turns off the radio also. the wire bundle thru door jamb is prone to cracking/breaking and can also cause issues. for some reason there are 2 blue/black wires in bundle. no other duplicated wires though. makes you wonder why gm did that.