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2007 NIssan Versa AC Stuck on HIGH

I have a 2007 Nissan Versa and my AC will only run on the highest setting. The dealership suggested that the whole panel with AC dials needed to be replaced at a cost of $400 + $125 HR for labor, they did say they were not sure this was the problem. Has anyone else run across this problem? In doing some research on the web I did see discussion regarding a Nissan Altima that had what sound like a simliar problem and the fix was a part called the “blower resistor” which was much cheaper and could be fixed at home.

Every case like yours that I have observed was cured by replacing the blower resistor pack that controls fan speed. Although none of those cars was a Nissan Versa, I would be very surprised if your situation was not identical.

Rather than the dealership, which is very high-priced and not even confident about their own diagnosis, I suggest that you go to a local independent mechanic. Or, if you are handy and can fit your hands into the sometimes very tight confines of the dashboard of a subcompact car, you might want to tackle this repair yourself.

Thanks for the reply, after some more research I found it was exactly as you suggested…the resistor pack. I have ordered it and my husband was able to locate the burned out resistor so this weekend we are off to do car repairs! Thanks again for the response.