2007 Nissan Frontier Downshift on Hills

My automatic 2007 Nissan Frontier automatically downshifts to a lower gear when I apply the brakes going down a hill. The problem is, once I’m level again, it does not shift back up for 15-30 seconds. The RPM’s go off the chart! Why does it do this and is my car gonna blow? Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!

2007 I would be using the Dealer and the warranty you paid for for this one.Post back what they said we will tell you if is in line.Owners manual could help you with this one

The downshifting is part of the “fuzzy logic” programming of most modern automatic transmissions. However, it should upshift on level ground so that your rpms don’t get too high. I agree that this is a matter for the dealership, under the terms of your warranty.

Thank You so much-I will check out my owners manual and call the dealer tomorrow if I can’t figure it out. I’ll let you know what happens.

Well-it took awhile but here’s the deal:
Nothing in the owners manual.
The dealer could not replicate the condition (no steep hills by the dealership!) and has no explanation or fix for me. I’m more careful now to try and keep iy from happening but it still will under the right conditions.
Any thoughts?

Anyone? (BUMP)

When the RPMs go “off the chart”, where exactly are they? What RPM? What’s the redline? Have you tried pushing it to the redline to force a shift as a workaround?

Red line is 6500-it usually goes to 7000 to 7500. I have not tried pushing it to the redline on purpose. (I honestly would not know how to do this-plus it scares me a little although I would try it if you think it would help.) When should I do this? While it’s in the redline should I accelerate more? Thanks so much for your input!

That’s odd that your automatic transmission will allow the RPMs to go past the redline…unless the true redline is further along…I would think fuel-cutoff would occur if you were really hitting the redline.

I’m not going to recommend you try to “floor it” and force a shift, although that’s what I might try on my own vehicle. If you do decide to do this, make sure you hit the pedal to the floor to try to “force” a shift.

Also, was that information relayed to the dealer?