2007 Nissan Armada - Odd behavior

car starts, revs up than drops to 2000 rpm and the car has no petal. put it in gear and only moves as fast as the idle.moves forward and reverse .no petal at all. no pick up or power what so ever

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle/Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor | YourMechanic Advice

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It’s normal on a cold start for the engine to rev pretty fast, then slow down as the coolant warms up. I doubt there’s anything wrong there. The problem appears to be that when you press on the accelerator pedal the engine doesn’t speed up. On a 2007 my guess is that function is done with an electronic throttle actuator; i.e. there’s no physical connection from the pedal to the throttle body (the part that allows more air into the engine when you step on the pedal). Instead there’s a sensor near the pedal whose position is read by a computer, which then sends an electronic command to an actuator in the throttle body. So the problem is most likely either the pedal sensor, or the thottle body actuator.

I’m guessing it’s the pedal sensor. The reason is that it’s the actuator that lowers the rpm as the coolant warms up, and that part looks to be working. Take a look in the area of the pedal, for an electrical connection that has come loose, etc.