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2007 Liberty Brakes

Only have 7,000 miles on 2007 liberty. My brakes have started to “click” when pressure applied, This is intermittent… any suggestions as to what this might be

Does it click continuously or just one click? I had the latter case in my car once. It was the brake booster.

I will take the Jeep out, brakes click for awhile. then they stop and may start up again the same day. Some days the brakes don’t click at all, some days all the time… I am going to the dealer soon for an oil change and will see what they have to say. Thanks.

Seems like there is a recall on some Libertys for something in the brakes,
some clip coming loose, rear wheels I think.

Can you tell which wheel ?? Better pull it an take a look.

OP would have got a notice if there was a recall concerning his brakes, maybe you mean a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB).

I won’t comment on you choosing the Dealer for your work, thats up to you.

Maybe just a pad clean-up (somekind of debris) is all you need, but a inspection is called for.

Why not go to the dealer? Car is still under warranty.

Yes, I am headed to the dealer !!!

Took car to dealer, they replaced a defective brake switch. covered under warran.