2007 Lexus RX 350 - Engine issues

It depends on what went wrong. When my 09 Focus overheated the first time, it was due to a gasket on the water outlet rupturing on the inside then slowly leaking out coolant. My father-in-law and I pulled the water pump (because we were assuming instead of testing the system to find the leak) and found it was a metal water pump with absolutely no issues whatsoever. I even went down to the local Ford dealership to compare a brand new one with the one I had…no play in the pulley or anything, impellers looked just fine. So we got a brand new gasket and put it back in. The only Radiator hose I replaced was one that I broke by accident (it had a plastic 90 degree bend in it, and of course I snapped it by accident taking it off). I didn’t replace the thermostat because it’s buried and a royal PITA to get to. Once I replaced the water outlet, hooked everything back up, refilled the radiator and system and got it burped, everything was working like normal again. No need to replace a lot of stuff.

No…not al all.

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