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2007 Lexus LS 460 oil usage

lexus tells me 2 ots of oil used in 1200 miles is normal and is a 2007 ls460l with 150m on it. I disagree let me know your view

My view means nothing . You are way out of warranty so Lexus was not going to do anything anyway. You can budget for a engine rebuild , use high mileage oil , keep adding oil and keep it at the full mark or plan on trading for another vehicle.

You can disagree with the dealer all you want

However . . .

many manufacturers state that oil usage of 1qt/600 miles . . . which is the case for you . . . is normal

Why are you asking . . . as @VOLVO_V70 already stated, some stranger’s opinion on the internet doesn’t change your situation

But I agree that 1qt/600 miles is rather high oil consumption

That said, I’ve owned quite a few cars that used that much oil. I just got into a habit of topping off engine oil very often, say once a week. The cars I’m thinking of had no problems passing tailpipe emissions tests, so you should have even less worries, as your truck most likely only gets a plug-in type of smog inspection.

topping off engine oil weekly is cheap and easy

rebuilding an engine is not

arguing with the dealer will just get you frustrated, and won’t lead to anything. Even if they were to agree that your truck uses a lot of oil and it’s not normal, they’re not going to give you anything

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Why are you asking a dealership about a 12-year-old vehicle?
Is the oil being burned or is there a leak (or leaks)?

When an engine uses that much oil and it’s not leaking oil, I recommend this product.

If it doesn’t completely stop the oil usage, it’ll at least slow it down.


That’s sort of on the border between being pathological oil-use problem or not. I owned a late 70’s VW and they said one quart per 500 miles was ok. So one quart in 600 miles could be argued to be ok too. It’s possible the problem is leaky valve-stem seals, which are relatively inexpensive to replace on many engine designs. On my VW replacing the valve stem seals took it from one quart per 500 miles to one quart per 3000 miles. If the engine has ever over-heated or run low on oil, probably not the valve stem seals.

How long have you owned it?
Is the oil usage a new issue?