2007 Lexus IS 250 power steering stopped working

The power steering of my car stopped working.The p/s light didn’t come on.I was driving on a gravel road.As soon as I turned on to the tar road,my power steering stopped.

How did you get the car home or to a shop? Did you drive it or have it towed? I think this year still had a pump vs electric. What was the level of the power steering fluid?

Did the vehicle stability control light come on by chance? The fact that the power steering failed when the road surface changed has me wondering. Of course, it could also simply be coincidence.

There’s either a problem with the steering wheel angle sensor,

or the electronic power steering rack.



The most common cause for the power steering to shut down is low battery voltage due to a failing alternator. Next is the power steering ECU, I have replaced a few.