2007 Kia Sorento RWD 3.8L Valve Cover Torque Spec

Doing the valve cover gaskets (as well as a ton of other things) and, after an exhaustive search, I can’t seem to find the torque spec or tightening order for the valve covers and I’m starting to feel stabby. Does anybody know?

Nobody torques down valve cover gasket bolts.

Use a 1/4" drive ratchet and tighten until snug.


Is there an order?

It’s made of plastic.

Whatever your heart desires.


Are you talking about the engine cover? That’s not the valve cover. The valve cover is a huge chunk of aluminum that I had to pull the intake manifold and a ton of other parts off of before I could even access it.

If the valve cover isn’t made of stamped steel, It’s not rocket science.


What makes you think your Kia is rear wheel drive?

The drive shaft and rear axle assembly.

The first generation Sorento was rear wheel drive or all wheel drive.