2007 Kia Rio Mystery

Ok so here is the issues.

  1. Heater core is bad. How do I know? No Heat blowing at all.
  2. Engine overheating.
  3. Transmission fluid is supposed to be between hot and cold, but is about 2 inches above hot.
  4. Their is oil fluid beneath engine bay and on top of transmission.
  5. Oil level isn’t lowering.
  6. Radiator isn’t losing.
  7. Break fluid good.
  8. Power steering fluid good.

So the liquid is fresh.
Does a heater core store any amount of fluid?
What could be my issue.
I was planning on fixing heater core, thermostat and keep up with oil change, but I fear my issues keep getting worse. But against where is the fluid coming from? And radiator smell gets threw vents when engine is hot.

I can drive ten miles highway distance with out an issue.
I can drive 7 miles on city streets without an issue.
So again if I not losing fluid and liquid is fresh.
What’s up? I fear transmission is fuller because it’s thinned out and overflowing? That the true over heating stems from transmission?

But no driving issues or clicking. No gear slipping either.

Nope, not your problem

I’d guess the trans cooler in the radiator has sprung a leak and is filling up your transmission with coolant creating an air bubble that ended up in your heater core and is overheating the engine.


This is a big problem, especially if the “transmission fluid” is really a mixture of transmission fluid and coolant due to a leaking transmission cooler in the radiator. You will have to let down the pan and drain it to find out.

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The more I looked at it. I believe you have a point. Hoping once problem is fixed that flushing transmission is enough. Otherwise I may need a temporary mode of transportation while fixing car.
Because rebuilding transmission is a longer process.