2006 Jeep Wrangler smell

Just purchased a 2006 Jeep Wrangler after Hurricane Irma flooded my past 1998 Jeep Wrangler. New Jeep has the smell of radiator in cockpit?
I wonder if it has a bad heater core/

It could be. Lift up the carpet in the heater core area, notice any dampness? Another possibility, seems more likely for a 2006, is there’s a small coolant leak in the engine compartment, and the odor is making it’s way to the passenger compartment via the under-the-windshield air vents. Be sure to regularly check the coolant level in the radiator in the meantime. Since you just purchased this vehicle, now is a good time to replace the coolant anyway, unless you know for sure it has been recently replaced.

Bring the vehicle to a shop, and ask that they perform a cooling system pressure test.

If there any leaks in the cooling system, the leaks will be found.


I did not know individual car smells were available. I’ll just stick with the generic “new car” smell. It’s probably better than 2006 Jeep anyways.

Thank you for the info Sir. This is the 8th Jeep I have owned so i plan to go over the system with a fine tooth comb. Kind of think it is one of the heater hoses.
Again thank you.

When having the system tested, be sure to tell them you want the heater core included. Tell them your symptoms.

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