2007 Jeep Liberty - Reliable?

Is it a reliable car i do 400 km per day. I found a 2007 liberty with 275000 km for $2500.

Jeeps are rarely considered reliable.
14 years old, even less reliable.

If you really want a Jeep get a CJ5, I had the V8, but a I6 is IMHO, the better choice.


Only if they’re giving you the $2500 to take the Jeep away.


A Liberty with 275,000 km is totally worn out and worth nothing in my opinion.


I am going to slightly alter what Mustangman posted:

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Haha, troll when you see one? 400 km per day? 250 miles? I think 4 km is pushing it.

Why ?
We don’t know how far he drives to work, or if he uses it for work.

I drive 350 miles a day for work, multiple trips a day between terminals.

But, do you do it in a Jeep with 171k miles on the odometer?

Nope, A 1999 Freightliner with 1.4 million miles on it. :+1:


It was garbage when it was new. It can only be worse now


Maybe he does local delivery. Like bob the plasma guy. Where did he go?

Well I drove 120 miles a day with a Buick with 500,000 miles. But still not in a worn out Jeep that was bad the day they built it.


Co-worker bought one new and kept it for 185,000 miles, Reliable is not the word i would use to describe it. My uncle had a couple that he bought brand new and now warns the family away from Jeep’s entirely.

Please, i’m afraid if you say Robert’s name three times, he will appear, like beetlejuice.


Who cares ?

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