MINI Cooper or Jeep Liberty

Looking at both of these cars. 2008 or newer for the Jeep and 2007 or newer or the MINI. Which would you recommend and why?

Neither. The cost of ownership for both will be high, the reliablility for both will be below normal.
But of those are the only two choices on your “prefereed” list, flip a coin. Just be sure you get whatever you consider buying checked out thoroughly by a mechanic.

As I usually do, I agree with Mountainbike, but I have to add that I am puzzled by the OP’s two choices.
I can’t see what these two vehicles have in common (aside from poor reliability) that would cause the OP to put them both on her short list for purchase.

These two vehicles are about as different as can be, in terms of…

Fuel economy (Jeep=16 mpg, Mini=30+mpg)
Handling (Jeep=clumsy, Mini=agile)
Power (Jeep=lethargic, Mini=responsive)
Usage (Jeep=great off-road/poor on paved roads, Mini=great on paved roads/DO NOT drive off-road)

Putting two such disparate cars on your preferred list is like walking into a shoe store and telling the sales clerk that you are not sure if you want hiking boots or running shoes.

Actually, asking US to choose is pretty much like asking strangers on the street. We know zip about the OP. At least strangers on the street can form somewhat of an opinion of what the OP seems to be like personality-wise. We’ve got nothin’.

The 2008 and 2009 Jeep Liberty has minimal problems according to MSN Autos. Same thing for the 2007-2009 MINI Cooper. According to Edmunds, the maintenance and repairs (M&R) over 5 years for the 2008 Liberty averages $9663, while the Toyota Rav4 averages 8258 - a difference of $1405. That’s $281 per year.

The 2008 MINI Cooper M&R averages $10,530 over 5 years, while the Mazda3 Sport Hatchback averages $7848; $536 less than the MINI Cooper.

You can do the math between the Jeep and MINI. Of course, the Jeep or Rav4 will use a lot more gas than either the MINI or Mazda3. If this was my decision, I’d be leery of the MINI reliably. But the Jeep is probably priced Initially, the Jeep will b about $750 less than an equivalently equipped Rav4 for 2WD.

I think I’d recommend the Rav4 first, then the Jeep Liberty. Stay away from the MINI unless high repair costs are worth the MINI experience.

Buddy of mine just traded in his 08 Liberty after the window regulator failed and broke the window. He said they do not make that part anymore either. Was a problem that plagued 02 to 07, but some 08 owners had the same problem.

Anything but the Liberty. Unless you do off roading, it is inefficient, clumsy and comparably unreliable. I would not recommend the Mini as a main car. I agree with JT. The RaV serves the purpose as a competent small hauler and actually handles quite well with decent efficiency. It’s not the “look at me” of a Jeep logo or the cuteness of a MINI, but more practical then either.

I agree with the “same” man also and a trip to the bookstore for a copy of a recent CR buyers guide might give you more info and better options that apply to you personally.

You had another post about your purchase of a 2008 Impala with frame damage on a “Certified” car. I don’t know your needs, but both of these vehicles are completely different than your Impala. My recommendation is to first resolve the issue between you and the dealer with the 2008 Impala. Then assess your needs in a car and read reviews of the cars that meet your needs in Consumer Reports. Then, when you have done your homework, shop for a car. If you are buying a used car, be certain to have it checked by an independent mechanic.
I think you are trying to choose a car because you think it is “cool” and hence you have asked about the Mini vs. the Jeep Liberty.
I think I would look cool riding around in a Mazda Miata. However, since I am always going to gigs with my fellow musicians with their instruments, I drive a Toyota minvan. Hence, I don’t have the Miata to go cruising for chicks.

The only chicks that Triedaq could pick up are in a nursing home and wouldn’t be able to get into a Miata.

Mrs. Triedaq

Neither car would be on my list of recommendations, though if somebody gave me a choice of the 2, I would have to ask myself how important is gas mileage, vs reliability. Both are probably similar in less than stellar reliability, so I pick cooper for gas mileage and fun factor.

I resolved the issue and the dealership is giving us more than we could have hoped for.

I am looking at these two cars because my husband wants the Liberty and I want the MINI. The only thing we rellay do is drive to and from work. I just wanted to see what people opinions are about each.

It is kind of an odd choice, with minis and jeeps being on opposite sides of the automotive spectrum but that^ explains it.
Jeeps aren’t that great on gas and they are, well, Jeeps.
Not sure whether this is anecdotal but have heard Minis have their share of transmission problems. You may want to check that out before you make a decision.
The one thing I have noticed with Minis is that, if you’re fairly tall, the passenger* seat isn’t all that comfortable. The seat has to go back and angle into the back seat.

*never been a new Mini driver so can’t comment on the driver’s seat.

Who does most of the driving? If it’s your car, get hat you want. If it’s his, get what he wants. If it’s your only car, then get the Jeep.

Sorry we didn’t make a dent in your reasoning. That’s fine. We all buy cars for different reasons. Hope you enjoy your choices.

I’d go with the Jeep Patriot before the Liberty. I never did like the Liberty, and gazillions of other Jeep buyers agree with me. I’d go with the Mini before either Jeep, but that’s just me.

The Liberty is kind of unrefined and will get lousy gas mileage. It and the Mini are both fun to drive, but in entirely different ways. The Mini will make you smile on twisty country roads in good weather, when you fill it up, and when you have to parallel park it. The Liberty will make you grateful when the weather turns bad (assuming you get the 4x4 model) or you need to haul anything bigger than a small suitcase, also possibly when you’re on the highway staring up at that very big tire of the semi that’s next to you. I don’t know about the Mini’s reliability, but my gf was looking for a new vehicle and the Liberty was one we were checking out. Based on my research, they seem to be very tough, fairly reliable, and very much love em’ or hate em’. I don’t know if I’d want one for a daily driver all the time, but I would consider one for a second vehicle, and would make it a daily driver over the Mini personally, but that’s just my preference. The Compass is a fairly pointless vehicle IMHO, as you get all the bad things about a Jeep with none of the toughness or off-road capability.