2007 Infiniti G35 - Storing a car

I am going to store my car for six months. How often do I start my car and for how long? What else do I need to do to store my car? Thank you.

Bert, people here can give good advice on how to do this. But if you put ( storing a vehicle ) in Google you will find all kinds of articles and you can choose what works best for you .

After 6 months of storage I recharge the battery, reconnect it and drive to my destination, there is no need to drive a vehicle if you have no place to go. There are some who feel the need to drive their vehicle once a week, I don’t share the same romance.

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If the temperatures are going to go below freezing I’d suggest taking out the battery and storing it in a warmer place. You’ll have to charge it after 6 months, no matter what you do. If there are mice around you could stuff a steel wool pad in the exhaust pipe end and maybe put some moth balls under the hood to keep the little critters away. Make a list of what you do and put it on the front seat of the car so you undo everything when you get back.

What you’re describing isn’t storing. It’s long-term-parking.

Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and fill the tank.

Take stainless steel pot scrubbers and stuff these in the air intake before the air filter and up the tail pipe(s). Keeps critters out of the engine/exhaust system. Place a note on the steering wheel to remind you to remove these come spring.

Remove the battery and store it in a cool/dry location. It would be good if you could put a battery tender on the battery

Place drier sheets throughout the interior. Critters don’t like the smell.

Let the vehicle sleep over the winter.


I live in Hawaii. I can start the car. I can not drive it.

You live in Hawaii?

That’s a riot!

Just drive the car every once and a while.


I have to ask, why can’t you drive it ? Actually in Hawaii I don’t think I would do anything but start it once a month and let it run for 30 minutes.

Let it idle long enough the engine temperature dash gauge gets to normal operating temperature, then another 5 minutes. That should evaporate most of any water that’s got into the system.