2007 Hyundai Azera 3.8 Axle Problem

I had an accident with my 2007 Hyundai Azera 3.8 Limited at the driver’s side a couple of weeks ago. The frame bent a little bit from the left side. Took it to bodyshop/mechanic and was straighthened back.
The mechanic adviced me to change the CV axle on the left side due to the CV boot coming off the axle. We bought a used CV axle from the junkyard and everything was fine until 2 days later when I made a wide left trun and I heard a cracking noise. Immediately, I pulled over and AGAIN the CV Boot from the CV axle has popped out of the axle again and up until now when i drive I hear a cracking noise when turning to the left. Even without checking the car again, the mechanic is still sauggesting its the axle I bought that I should buy another one

Please any idea of what I can do please. I’ve spend alot on this…Any effort will be appreciated

N:B - we also changed the hub in the process…before this problem occured

Here is the picture of how it looks now

Unless something is still off from the frame bending, real possibility IMHO.

We bought a used CV axle from the junkyard

Says it all.

Several things come to mind, the repair was not done quite correctly and the distance between the transaxle and the wheel has increased causing the boot to pop off. OR, the motor mounts were damaged and the engine is shifted away from the damaged side. OR BOTH the CV boots (pre and post accident) are old and a little bit stiff and pulled the boots off. The mechanic’s recommendation will only fix it if the last item is true.

You might want to take it to another mechanic to have the the first 2 things I mentioned checked. If this guy didn’t find 1 or 2 the first time out, he likely won’t find it the second. Good Luck

Definitely looks like it is travelling to far for the boot to stretch. Looks as if something shifted like @Mustangman said.