2007 Honda Odyssey

I have a 2007 Odyssey. Honda already recalled it once for brake issues. It has 44000 miles and we already changed brake pads once. Now again beakes are filling soft and have to press hard. what should I do?

Has the brake fluid been flushed and bled to make sure there’s fresh clean brake fluid and no air bubbles in the brake lines?

If you pump the brakes, does the pedal feel more firm? Could be a master cylinder issue.

Have a mechanic look at the brakes and give an opinion. You don’t need a dealer, but it might be a good idea if there’s been a recall or you can talk them into doing some work under warranty. If it’s not a recall/warranty issue, you don’t need to have the dealer do the work.

Thanks a lot! I will get it checked out.

The recall was for the master cylinder. I would take it back to the dealer.