2007 Honda Odyssey TPMS/Coolant Gauge Oddity

I recently bought a Honda Certified 2007 Honda Odyssey EX with 35,000 miles on it. After driving it for maybe 2 days I noticed the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system, as I am sure you know) light come on. Shortly after that the coolant gauge went from normal to completely hot. Being concerned, I stopped the car and let it cool off. When I turned it back on the coolant gauge was still at hot and proceeded to go BEYOND hot (obviously to SUPER hot??). I called the dealership, and brought it in. They turned it on and off a few times and the coolant gauge seemed to sync back to where it normally is. They cleared the TPMS light and said everything was fine. Next day the TPMS light came back on and at the same time the coolant gauge shot up from normal to hot. This is all under normal driving conditions - the tires are properly inflated and I can’t think of any reason why these two seemingly unrelated issues seem to be happening at the same time. Any suggestions, other than going in and screaming “LEMON” at the Honda dealership??



Pittsburgh, PA

take it back, tell them it’s still having the same issues, and make sure they actually figure out what is wrong with it. make a fuss if necessary. they SHOULD have actually fixed the problem instead of just hoping it went away.

Make sure you find out exactly what is wrong and ask to see the old parts.

I agree with Joe. This is a certified used vehicle and should have come with a warranty. Be sure you get your copies of the shop order(s) documenting that you had the problem during the warranty period, and be sure int documents their findings and fixes.

The TPMS may just need to be reinitialized. It operates from a reference setting, a baseline if you will, and often when new tires are installed the baseline needs to be reestablished.

The overheating is a serious issue. That needs to be diagnosed and corrected properly…under warranty.

Thank you both for responding. Right now I am waiting for my dealership to get back to me about what Honda Engineering has to say about the issue. So far everything they have “done” has been covered under the warranty - and I assure you that I will pay for NOTHING that needs to be fixed. I do believe that the tires are new and that might have something to do with the TPMS gauge coming on. The coolant gauge is something different. The car isn’t actually overheating - it just has some sort of malfunction in the gauge, or in whatever sends information to the gauge. I will keep you all posted to what Honda Engineering says…