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2007 Honda CRV purchase questions

Car looks great inside and out, 99k miles. Oil looks a bit dark, tranny fluid a bit dark reddish (I don’t know the original color of this type fluid) but not tarry and not smelly. Owner says it was changed once. This is the biggie: owner says he had the oil changed when the onboard computer said to. Records show that this was mostly every 10k miles. Would you but it?

I forgot to mention that there were frequent “check alignment” items in the service records. I have a vague recollection that this model sometime had alignment problems around this time period. Anyone know about that?

If the driving was mostly highway and the owner is not lying, it might be a good deal. My neighbor’s wife had a CRV she drove for nearly 10 years and it was virtually bullet-proof.

If the driving was all stop and go with no long trips, I would pass on it.

Re: alignment; how is the tire wear? It’s odd the seller didn’t go to the trouble to present his car with clean oil and tranny fluid. Understandable for a trade-in but he’s obviously looking for an unaware buyer.

Tires look ok. Wear even.

This model CRV has the oil life monitor and uses 5W-20 oil; the monitor is decent for evaluating severe vs normal driving conditions. Mine had 60% life remaining at 8K miles. So nothing unusual.