2007 Honda Civic Recalls and Price


I’m considering buying a 2007 Certified pre-owned Honda Civic Sedan. I understand that this vehicle was under recall for 2 potential problems.

1) “THE BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH” Failure may result in a loss of brake lights and an increased risk that the vehicle could be struck in the rear. In addition, a failed brake light switch could prevent shifting the transmission from the park position (vehicles with an automatic transmission). Dealers will replace the brake light switch and install a protective cover over the switch.

2) “O-RING SEAL” This could cause a wheel to fall off of the vehicle, possibly resulting in a crash. Honda said it will replace any damaged parts for free.

I’m confident that the problems were fixed. What I’d like to know is if these issues or the process of repairing them could make the vehicle unsafe. Also, does this effect the resale value of the car? Is it reasonable to ask for a discount on the selling price?

Thank you.