2007 Honda Civic LX car horn not working


My 2007 Honda Civic LX car horn suddenly stopped working after I had just used the horn a few minutes earlier. It does not work from the steering wheel and it does not work from the remote when I lock the car. The fuse seems to be OK (the horn seems to be on the same circuit as the brake lights and those are working). I believe I can hear the relay under the dashboard clicking when I try to use the horn so I suspect that the horns are actually broken. But I was wondering how many horns the 2007 Honda Civic LX has? I have been told different things by different car mechanic/dealers. One said that it has only 1 horn and the other says it has two (one “high” and one “low”). Can someone tell me what is correct?

If it has two horns I would be less inclined to think that both horns stopped working at the exact same time so it might just be a bad wiring or something?

What is reasonable to pay for repairing the horn at a mechanic?

Look in your manual, see if there is a horn relay in addition to the fuse.

From what I can tell, pressing the horn button closes an under dash relay, which powers the horn through a 15 A fuse circuit from the battery. A mechanic should be able to locate the horn and measure if power is getting to it when the horn button is pressed. I expect it has more than one physical horn to make the tone more distinctive, but they are probably wired in parallel. So something must be wrong in common with both. Ask your mechanic to measure the voltage at the horn, and to check for a good ground connection at the horn.

The vehicle has one horn.