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2007 Honda Accord Sdn - Starter

My car was diagnosed with intermittent starter disease .Key does not start, no sound or clicks, dash lights up like high mass and battery and alternator check out fine.
finally after pumping brake, bleeps and other creative manipulations it kicks in.
after a few days of this I took it to Honda garage, and of course, it never happened for the Tech all day.
the starter was replaced and worked fine for a week. It has gone into its bi-polar mode again. Your thoughts please cuz I’d like to finish with bleep starter and move onto bigger expenses on the car I love.

Our 2007 Fit just had the same issue. Another $500. Our 2006 Accord has not had the issue and other than the noisy steering pump has been pretty reliable lately.

The neutral safety switch, if not OK, will keep the starter motor from working. It might make a diff if you shift into N and then turn the key to Start. The ignition switch, too, can cause a no-crank.