2007 Honda Accord Manual Transmission

My clutch peddle made a slight “snap” sound last night and now it is very difficult to get the car to engage in a gear while sitting still, while moving it does ok, but not nearly as smooth as it should be. The other odd occurrence is that while the motor is running and the car is not moving, you can’t shift any gears at all, but as soon as you cut the motor, all 5 gears and reverse are easily accessible. Why the sound at the peddle and the trouble in the gear shift mechanism? I am only an advanced beginner with car repair, but I think think this is really bad… Any help, thoughts, or suggestions?

LOOK at your clutch pedal and make sure that the PIN is still securely pushed through to the other side of the actuator arm to the Clutch Master…sounds like the clip on the pin fell off and now the pin is just barely hooked to the clutch master…Modern and even semi-modern Accords don’t use a clutch cable…least not in any vehicle after 1990 or so… Check the connection at your pedal inside the car, in the drivers foot well area…bring a flashlight too…