2007 Ford Taurus Bucks in a Snow Storm

I have a 2007 Taurus and for all intents in purposes the car runs great, expect during a snow storm. I drive 30 miles on the hwy too and from work. During a snow storm no matter how bad or if snow is blowing or on the ground my car bucks. I don’t know how else to explain it. It is like the transmission is slipping but I know that it isn’t because it happens for only a split second. It almost seems like the car wants to shut-off or the brakes are grabbing. This will happen the entire way to work or home every few miles but only during a snow event.

You’re going to need to be more specific about the conditions. Are you talking about times when snow is falling out of the sky? Or are you talking about when snow is actually covering the roads and affecting driving conditions? What you describe just sounds like what happens when you hit occasional slick patches on the pavement - momentary loss of traction with sudden regain of traction can end up feeling like bucking. It also probably means you’re going to fast for conditions and/or need new tires.

Another question would be whether you know for certain it is about snow - or if its just about moisture. So will it also do this in the rain?

I don’t think it happens in the rain maybe sideways rain. My tires are at the end of their life so this could be a possibility although this has been happening for three winters. It happens when snow is in the air whether falling or blowing and it happens on snow covered roads or clear roads. The one thing I can count on is that it happens when snow is in the air.

I understand what you are saying about traction, but why would it do this when my tires were almost new when I bought the car?

Well, on the tires - tires aren’t magic. You can have brand new, dedicated, top of the line snow tires and it doesn’t mean that you’ll never lose traction.

But if it happens even when the roads are still clear and it hasn’t changed as those tires have gotten older than I don’t think its a traction issue.

My next guess is going to be a moisture problem - a crank position sensor, for example, that is getting wet, or maybe faulty spark plug wires.

I assume this car has ABS. Does it also have traction control?

How many miles are on it? What is the maintenance history like? How old are your spark plugs and wires? Filters? Do you know whether all of the splash shields under the car in intact?

Are you using cruise control when this happens?

Do you have traction control on your Taurus? If so have you tried turning it off (or on) to see if it changes anything?