2007 Ford Focus

We bought a 2007 Ford Focus (5 door) last fall and have been having de-accelleration problems. When we applied the brakes at 1000 miles it took 2 to 3 seconds for the car to de-accellerate. It happened again at 5800 miles only that time it took 10 seconds. Since we figured we got a problem here, we took it back to the dealership who tested it on the computer and said there was no problem. The warranty people won’t do anything since nothing shows up on the computer. We’re afraid that next time we may have a serious accident. Anybody familiar with a problem like this?

Go to the regional Ford representative. Put a complaint to the NHTA (National Highway Transportation Agency). This is a “safety item” and deserves quick response. Please clarify. Did it take 10 seconds before the brakes began to apply any braking force? Or, did the braking force begin immediately; but, the engine rpm wouldn’t decrease for 10 seconds?

Thanks for your suggestions. The braking force began immediately but the engine rpm wouldn’t decrease for 10 seconds.

I agree that you should file a report with NHTSA.

You should also make sure that when you bring the vehicle in to get the problem fixed (KEEP POUNDING ON THEM) you should make certain that the service rep writes a complete and clear description of your complaint on the shop order and that their response is written clearly. Then keep your copies. They could be crutial evidence should soemthing happen.

The rep won’t like it, but tell him exactly how you want the complaint described. Be firm.