2007 Ford Edge brake noise

replace master cyclinder brakes still make noise sometimes i have to pump the brake to put the car in gear, it shutters alot while driving i wsas told to put shutter stop in it but mot sure how safe that would ne

First, I think you meant “shudder stop” which is snake oil for a transmission, nothing to do with brakes.
Brake master cylinder does not affect noise.
The problem putting the car in gear may be related to brake-shift interlock switch or solenoid.
Shuddering while driving, if it feels like it is during gear shifts, you might get improvement with a fluid change.

Bottom line—you need a much better mechanic.
Go to mechanic files at the top of this site, you may find one in your area, check yelp reviews, and I, sometimes, may check BBB for complaints.

Avoid any chain shops.

Sometimes my wife’s car does that, what I have found is trying to move the shifter before stepping on the brake pedal causes that problem, usually when she’s in a hurry.

Ever since I told her push and keep holding the brake pedal down, then start the car, then shift into gear, she hasn’t had that problem.