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2007 Ford Crown Victoria - Metric

I have a retired police car. Somehow, in the last year, the odometer flipped from miles to kilometers. I didn’t notice. In Kilometers, it has gone about 250,000 Km. I was able to switch it back to miles and it now shows about 150,000 Mi. How do I explain this to folks that I have warranties with?

What kind of warranties do you have on a 11 year old retired police car anyway. They will set the readout to what ever they need to record so I don’t see anything to worry about.

Is there a chance that you do not know that the distance reading between miles and kilometers is the same distance the vehicle has gone.

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250,000 km = 155342.798 mi.


Tires, mechanical repairs.

Could you explain what mechanical repairs you think are covered by warranty . Did you buy an extended warranty for this thing ?

How do you explain what? I don’t understand your question.


What do you think the mileage should be ?

you should be able to switch back and forth between Km. and Mi. with out affecting true mileage.

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Wrenches on the other hand…image


You just push the odometer button to toggle the display…on a 2007, I think it will display engine idle hours too…These are the number of hours the car sat idling but not moving…Figure every 100 idle hours equals 5000 miles wear on the engine and emissions systems…

Oh, I think I see what you mean. You maybe bought something which was guaranteed for 30,000 miles, and so the seller wrote down the car’s mileage as a baseline. But they didn’t notice what they wrote down was in km rather than miles. hmm … well one idea, don’t say anything. Keep it in miles going forward, and you’ll get a little warranty extension there … lol .

250 Kilometers is about 150k miles so I don’t really comprehend the problem unless it’s this potential warranty issue you refer to.

A warranty on an aged high miles retired police car? Must be a pretty benevolent warranty company.

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I guess we will never hear what kind of warranty this vehicle has . Also an 11 year old former police car with only 150000 miles ?

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More likely cost an arm and a leg warranty that might return a toenail benefit

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Many repair shops provide a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on repairs at no extra cost, tires have a much longer warranty. The odometer reading must be recorded accurately.

Switch it back to KM if needed?

I don’t think the OP is coming back to clarify this situation.


Probably correct, but 3 years from now someone will reply to this thread


The OP replied 6 days ago;

The OP never answered my question on why there’s a problem here.

Yes, I saw the cryptic reply . I was hoping to get clarification on what kind of warranty someone would put on a former police vehicle with a top value of about 3000.00 .