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2007 f150 5.4 super crew 4wd issues

My f150 4wd worked great to pull a car out of the snow the next day my motor froze up I had a new motor installed and the day I picked it up the 4wd didn’t work. I have vacuum to both actuators when in 2wd and none in 4wd with light on. If I disconnect the vacuum lines at solenoid while in 4wd and put them right back on then drive it 4wd drive works, so it’s like the lines are not venting but I can blow threw them. Any ideas how it’s holding vacuum to hold the iwe’s from engaging??

Turns out it’s been below freezing here for sometime and the actuators locked frozen in 2wd position. I’m suprised I didn’t get 1 comment, I guess this isn’t the site for me. But I will still listen to the guys on Saturday mornings.

Glad things worked out, so it is now working? If so next question would be why was there enough water to lock the activators.

My Ford 4wd truck must not have those vacuum actuators. My motor never froze up once pulling somebody out of the snow. Even in sub-zero temperatures. True, mine is 40+ years old …lol … But you got a new one there, so I guess you are right, this forum isn’t the right place for you.

BTW: Didn’t you find it unusual your motor froze up while pulling somebody from a snow bank?