2007 Dodge Charger O2/Fuel Pressure(?) Issue

I have a 2007 Dodge Charter 3.5L v6 Automatic that is having a few issues that I think are related. It all started with a P0158 Code O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2. Had this go on my previous vehicle so I inspected the O2 Sensor on passenger side closest to the back of the car. Wiring harness is fine, so I replaced the sensor. The code came back after about 3 days of driving (30-60mi/day).

Then I remembered some of the other issues I thought were not important, but wondering if together they mean something.

1.) While idling the engine seems to stutter, almost like its about to stall. Almost like it is starved of fuel for a second. This happens maybe 3 times a week.

2.) One out of Twenty starts are rough. I will turn they key, the starter/engine will crank and will take about 3-5 seconds to turn over.

3.) Significant drop in gas mileage. I usually get 340-350 miles before my low fuel warning light will go off. Now it will go off at around 290-300.

4.) When filling up at the gas station, the pump will shut off like it is full, when I know for a fact it is not (i.e. putting 1 gallon in when the tank is half full). I have tested this with the tank at multiple different levels and the issue always occurs. So even when my gas gauge tells me I am full, I never really know because the pump shuts off multiple times. That could be the reason for the mileage short, my tank is not actually full (fingers crossed).

5.) My OBD2 reader is showing the following information other than the code above: Readiness Monitors - 5 Complete, 3 Incomplete. The monitors that are incomplete are: Catalyst monitoring, Oxygen sensor and ERG system monitoring.

So my questions are: Did I replace the wrong O2 Sensor and is the Bank 2/Sensor 2 on the left (drivers side) and not the right? Is the issue the Catalytic Converter (I would assume the car would be throwing more codes at me)? And lastly, am I the lucky guy that has the last, and most unlikely, issue with the P0158 code and I have an issue with my fuel pressure/delivery system since I am getting gas fume kickback causing the gas pump to shut off prematurely?

Thanks for your time. Let me know if you have any other questions.

If #1 cylinder is on the passenger side of the car then I think you replaced the correct sensor. Since you have a High Circuit Voltage code I would suspect the cause is due to a problem with the connection to the sensor, you may have an open connection in the wiring. Perhaps at a connector. The catalyst code may be due to the O2 sensor code along with the EGR code also. You should check the continuity of the wiring to the O2 sensor going to the ECU. Remove the sensor when checking the resistance. I have heard you can possibly damage the sensor using an ohmmeter on it.

I’m not sure why you are having the trouble with the fuel up of the tank. There is no venting unless it is supposed to go through the EGR system.

Bank #2 is on the left (drivers side) of this engine. Compare the position of the first spark plug on each cylinder head, the right side is further forward. The position of the intake manifold runners are misleading, they switch sides.

The catalyst, oxygen sensor and EGR monitors rely on O2 sensor input to operate. These monitors won’t run/pass if there is an oxygen sensor fault.

There are known problems with fuel tank venting, lets save that for chapter 2.

Thanks for the tips Cougar. When the sensor was out I did check all the wiring back to the ECU and the resistance was spot on.

Nevada_545 I was wondering if that was the case. I was going off information I had found online. I have yet to purchase the manual because I don’t plan on having the car that long. With the other systems that are failing to check out, I figured it was a chain reaction from the O2 sensor issue.

Found the service manual and confirmed Nevada_545’s comment, thanks for the information! I will report back Friday when I replace the left O2 sensor.

I also found TSB 14-001-09 REV. A that address the fuel nozzel shut off.

Apparently I misread your original posting about which side the sensor was on that you replaced. I thought you stated it was on the left side. You will most likely solve the issue when you replace the one on the left side.