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2007 Dodge Caliber - Subframe

the subframe needs to be changed, brakes,front shocks, front control arms

Ok, so get it changed.

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Scrap the car. It was an awful car when it was new and is not worth spending that kind of money on.


Is there a question here . . . ?

Okay . . . I’ll be the one to pose some questions

Why does the subframe need to be replaced . . . ?

The car was crashed . . . ?

The subframe is completely rusted out . . . ?

If the subframe is rusted out, what about the rest of the car . . . it’s probably just as rusty

Unless you’re doing all the work yourself, it probably doesn’t make financial sense


With a 12 year old vehicle, the expense that is involved with this type of repair is impossible to justify unless one can do all of the work himself/herself.


If the sub-frame needs to be replaced because of severe rust I would be tempted to just get rid of the car considering the other issues.
The exception would be if the car was very low miles and super clean; which I assume it is not.
And only IF there was no bad rust in other areas.

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