2007 Chrysler Sebring - Oil warning, but I have oil

My oil light comes on and it dings (noise) but I’m not low on oil and I can still drive it.

What’s up?

Oil light could be due to low oil pressure.
Oil level might have nothing to do with it.
You may have a bad oil pressure sensor also.


Ask your shop to get an independent test of the engine oil pressure using their shop gauge.

Personally, I would have the car towed to a garage/mechanic.

Every time you start the engine, you risk either causing serious damage and/or destroying the engine. Oil warning lights are nothing to play around with.


Most likely, that warning light is for low oil pressure, not a low oil level.
A quick check of your Owner’s Manual will tell you for sure.
If I am incorrect, I apologize.

… until you can’t…
Have a competent mechanic check the actual oil pressure with his equipment in order to determine whether the oil pressure is really low, or whether the oil pressure sensor might need to be replaced.

By the way, oil pressure problems can be the result of infrequent oil changes.
How often do you get the oil changed, in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time?

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If you’re not hearing any noises from the engine when the light is on, more than likely the oil pressure switch is faulty.



I don’t think OP will be back but, he did not say if this happened when the engine is running or with the engine off and in the accessory position. if it is the latter then it would be normal.

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I think the engine has to be running in order to drive the car.


he said he can drive the vehicle. but as far as the light and the ding he did not mention it happened while the engine was running or driving. as we have seen before on here, some people do not even understand the basics of their vehicle. common sense says most people would be talking about the problem with the vehicle running. but you never know. :wink: :rofl:

I wouldn’t want a warning chime while listening to the radio.

I was talking about when you first start your vehicle. if you turn your key to the accessory position first before starting. you will get the oil light plus others and possibly a dinging if your seatbelt is still off. like I said OP did not give all the particulars. It was just a thought.

First question, is it the RED oil light or the YELLOW oil light. The yellow one is for oil level and I’ve had mine go off right after an oil change because the oil is so clear, the photo eye doesn’t detect it.

If it is the RED oil light, I would suggest you get it towed to a mechanic, do not drive it. If you are near due for an oil change, you may have a clogged oil filter and the oil bypass valve isn’t working.


Yes always important to be precise. Oil level light or oil pressure light? Gotta believe 9 times out of 10 it’s the sensor unless the car has been abused.

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We have had several faulty oil pressure switches in Chrysler products, It was only he switch that was bad and not the oil pressure.