2007 Chrysler Sebring - Multiple issues

I have a (2007) Chrysler Sebring Convertible. It used to run fine… good actually. Then I had to get the drivers side window realigned/fixed.
There was a rain storm and I found a puddle of water in the car, on the floor behind the drivers side seat. The car will NOT start now. The battery seems to work as it’s powering the car (radio, lights,etc) but there is not even a click when you turn the key.
Also, the breaks seemed to be hard to depress and it wouldn’t go into neutral at first. Then I was able to move the gears freely. Now (2 days later) we tried to jump start the car. However, it still won’t turn over.
Please help.

Not sure there’s much I can do to help. There seems to be a number of problems. You need to have it towed to a good independent repair shop… not Pep Boys, Les Schwab, ect, an independent shop for diagnosis. That alone will cost you $150 or so. They you can decide if the car is worth fixing based on the estimate you get.