2007 Chevy Tahoe over heated

Driving 70mph the cruise control turned off and the stabilizer track light came on. Tthen a warning light came on that turned the ac off. Then then warning light said limiting power then overheating please pull over. When I pulled off gauge registered 260 which is as high as it goes and opened the hood the fan was turning no belts appeared broke. I turned car off Waited 30 min and it cooled to 210 and tried to restate. It had power but would not crank. Waited another 30 min and no power at all. Has towed to dealer. Any thoughts.

Make sure battery has a full charge. All connections clean and tight. Charging system ok? No dash lites or nothing? Check the feed to and from the ignition switch.

As far as overheating, maybe water pump or thermostat? Does the radiator fan work?

Ignition battery seemed to be okay prior to the overheating incident.
When I stoped fan was running.
Would the computer shut itself down and need to be reset before it would start back up.
No power to anything. Could not even lock the doors or operate windows.

Some 07 Tahoes Have Had Radiator Vent Inlet Hoses That Are Too Close To The Drive Belt Idler Pulley. The Pulley Can Wear Through Or Cut The Hose Causing Coolant Loss And Possibly Overheating.

There’s a new style clamp to remedy the problem. Check your hose for contact and damage.

How long did it take for you to pull over and shut down ?


Less then half mile.

Were you using some type of “gague scan” technique while you were driving? I am suprised you did not notice the temp gague indicating movement towards a reading that you had never seen before. Did you (or the tow truck driver) check the coolant level before the car was towed away? were there any of the normal “gurggling” sounds common to an overheated car upon shutdown? what I am getting at is,are we sure the car was really overheating and not lying too you?

Coolant level was normal. But gauge read 260 and car was shutting stuff down. Could a bad battery cause it?

I can’t see a battery involved here. Did you hear the typical “gurgulling” noise a overheated car makes right after you turn it off? I will not pursue the question of how it got too 260 before you noticed. Can you think of anything that can prove that this car really was running this hot?

There was fluid in over flow cause I loosened cap and it shot out on my hand before I got car turned off but fluid do not burn me. Are you thinking thermostat? If so why after an hour would there be no power?

Man I asked if you heard any gurgulling noise from this truck after it was shut down twice and you don’t answer. I am done with this one.

Yes, I thought I answered that. When turned off it gurgled.