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2007 Chevy Equinox Wheel Hub Bolts

I am replacing my rear wheel hub bearing assembly and by the time I get the bolts out of this thing they are all going to be completely stripped out. Nonetheless, I am searching all over the web and I am not finding anything that comes up for the rear wheel bolts. I am finding the front on various websites
These are sold in sets of 3(front hub is held by 3 bolts, rear by 4 ).

Any idea where to get these at, or find the size needed?


How do you know these are the size needed? I have my vehicle typed in and it says
“Doesn’t Fit your 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS”

Those threads look way too long

So, are you saying you have yet to remove these bolts?

And if so, what makes you think that they’ll strip out?


I gave up for the night. They were all 4 very rusty, I cleaned them with a wire brush, but didn’t get much accomplished. I broke all 4 lose fairly easy, but once the rusted end of the bolt starts to go through the hub they a all 4 got stuck. I am going to try heating them tomorrow. Any tips on this is appreciated as well.

Soak them in penetrating oil overnight.

Also try tightening them back up then loosening them again. Repeat. You can probably gain at least part of a turn each time.


You’re going to have to spray some penetrant, and let it wick its way down the threads

then you work the bolts out very slowly, going back and forth, respraying penetrant as needed

It’s a good thing you already broke them free without shearing them off . . . the biggest danger has already been averted

If you’re patient and do as I suggested, you’ll have all 4 bolts out intact


i changed my nox rear hub last month. could not fit swivel socket head into tight spot. but my regular socket went right in. the swivel socket OD is a bit larger. my bolts came out with no issue even after 10yrs of MN salt spray. couple of whacks with hammer and the bearing assy popped right out of knuckle. which is nice

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Original Poster here…
Thanks for the tips… Let it sit all night in penetrating oil. Ran the bolts in and out a couple of times and was able to get all 4 out without ruining any threads. Tapped the bearing assy with a mallet a couple of times, which gave me a slight gap. Tapped a screwdriver through the gap and it popped right out!
Thanks again!


atta boy

we knew you could do it


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