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2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Vibrations

Does anyone here have a 2007 chevrolet silverado with a vibration noise.? It feels like it’s right underneath my feet and only makes the vibration when I am in gear and slowing down. All gear seem to shift smoothly until my speedometer reads fairly close to 23 mph. down to about 16 to 17mph. But from 23 to 16 mph… my truck shakes so bad that you almost think it is the transmission or torch converter … had my transmission rebuilt and new torch converter put in at the same service call. Cancel Tranny and T. Converter. Truck never stopped making thae vibration. So I replace the transmission mount hoping this may solve it . Still no luck. What’s left … U-joints, the rear? Tires are brand new so remove that item from the list. Someone please me some insight and peace of mind before I have it out with GM. Needing help please. I’m all ears.

make sure your transmission mount isn’t totally collapsed

If I recall correctly, this vibration is caused by the center bearing in the driveshaft. It may not show any signs of wear, but even new, this was a source of vibration.

But if I am misremembering, then it is the pinion angle - the angle that the differential makes with driveshaft. I think it has to be nosed up by putting angled wedges under the spring perches.

Two things are notorious for this. First is the front hubs. U joints are next. If you have 4wd, bad U joints will crack the transfer case adapter.

If you have the aluminum drive shaft, they can be problematic. No center carrier bearing on this except maybe 157” wheel base, crew cab with long bed.

In my experience, bad front hubs won’t produce a vibration which can be felt “in the seat of the pants”

Just to cloud the issue engine miss could be an issue.

My experience is different.