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2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Rough idle

rough idle, changed distributor cap 5 times in 5 mos, plugs and wires same, coil wire pretty much changed everything on it now and still a POS!! I HATE chevy. any ideas why the cap and coil are failing at this rate?

Is the idle quality so bad that it needs attention? If there is a misfire the check engine light should be on.

You should examine these parts before replacing them, you might be replacing good parts.


Uhmm… I hate to tell you this but the 2007 Chevy doesn’t have a cap and rotor unless the engine from a much earlier car was installed.

Edit: Unless you have a 6 cylinder engine. But you didn’t tell us what engine you had. Those still had caps and rotors. The V8s did not.

You could buy a $10 idle air control valve and see if that helps. I wouldn’t even bother attempting to clean the current one since new ones are inexpensive and only takes minutes to change.

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