2007 Chevrolet Cobalt LS vs SS



I purchased a 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS from a friend but the strange this is that the VIN shows that its 2007 CHEVROLET COBALT LS. Now on the back of the car where the taillights are its branded “SS Supercharged” My friend did use it as a street racing car. The value drops over a grand going from an SS to a LS. Just wondering how that could be branded that way


Your friend may have dressed up the car with a SS name plate. Did you open the hood to see if the car has a supercharged engine? Does the car have SS seats/interior?


I guess you have not asked this ’ friend ’ this question.


That SS badge is just a stick-on badge available at any GM parts department. I’d say your “friend” paid $12 for the badge and collected $1000 extra from you.

Oh, and I very strongly suggest you never buy a “street racing car” nor ever engage in such activities. Could save your life or especially the life of an innocent bystander.


So after reaching out to my friend about it, she tells me this is how she got it from another person. So it looks like it was a racing car but before the person sold it, they gutted all the good parts. They switched out the engine, took off the spoiler, and they had a big sound system that required them to remove the back seats, so it doesn’t have back seats. I haven’t been able to figure out the actual value of the car, Kelly blur book doesn’t have an option for “no back seats” lol


Not much. And it does not matter since you have already purchased it . When time comes to sell or trade you will find out what it is worth .


The value of the car you have is what ever you were happy to pay for it. I would say your “friend” got the better end of the deal.

There are 7 Colbalts listed on auto trader within 25 miles of me, the asking price for the most expensive one is $3899.00 and that one is from a buy here pay here car lot, the others are all under $3000.00 and one at $1995.00


I’m pretty sure none of this is true. You have an LS car with an SS sticker that’s been abused. Not worth much.


I know it none of my business but I really would like to know what was paid for this thing and where the location is.


If the VIN number says it is an LS, then the “good stuff” was never IN the car.


I have a 2010 Cobalt LS. If the interior is cheap looking and the seats are thinly padded it’s an LS. I believe the SS had upgraded seats and dash display. The good news is that there many Cobalts in junkyards and parts are cheap.

Ed B.


You can appraise it given its condition. I did it here, selected ‘rough’ for its condition, got a whopping $803 for trade-in, $1,259 for private-party sale.

And that value might even be lower if it’s a stripped SS. No telling what they messed up pulling the engine. But I really doubt that happened.