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2007 Cadillac CTS can’t maintain power

My car won’t maintain a power after it’s started.

Can you be more specific with more details. Idling, accelerating, driving…? What do you mean by maintaining power? How many miles… etc?

Is the Check Engine Light illuminated?

it is true the questions are getting more and more vague lately.
OP could say, car starts fine. idles ok. but when you start to “drive” or move it seems to be down on power. but that is being more accurate and concise in describing the issue and talking proper auto terminology is hard

The Ask Someone started out poor and just keeps getting worse. Then they get moved to the Community section and that may be why there are so many 1 and done posters.

Actually, most of the “questions” are declarative statements, not questions.
Then, given the almost total lack of vital details in those statements, it turns into a game of 20 questions on our part.

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