2007 BMW 328i.....P1017 and P0440 found after Service Engine Soon light came on today

This morning, I started up my car and it had a brief but noticeable stutter (rainy day here in S. Florida). Car has 85k miles There was a distinct gas smell for a brief period of time and then it went away, but the Service Engine Soon light came on. When I got home, I hooked it up to my OBDII tool and it spit out P1017 and P0440. . From what I’ve read it sounds like a large leak in the EVAP system and something with the valvetronic sensor? I’m bringing this to the dealership on Tuesday (for a recall issue with the battery) but wondering what I should expect from a mechanic in terms of troubleshooting and possible cost. Could the P1017 cause a P0440? I’m not really car savvy, so a bit concerned about what to expect and about getting ripped off.

Thanks everyone!

BMWs are particularly sensitive to adding gas after the pump handle clicks off (topping off) but they usually set the CEL right after being filled up, not after the first start of the day unless you filled up just before parking the day before.

If you fit the criteria above, just stop topping off and this will go away by itself. If you don’t, I suspect that one of the hoses in the evap system had either gotten blocked or has come off. The smell of gas kinda says that a hose has come off.